All the stories. . .

Here is a list with link to all the stories posted here on 12 Days!  If you haven’t ready any yet or just one two, be sure to check them all out. . . trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve ever read before in an anthology!

And early 2010, we will have the paperback book coming out!

Day 1 – December 14 – A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Christmas Return by J.M. Strother –

Time to Dance by Cynthia Schuerr –


Day 2 – December 15 – Two Turtle Doves

Peace on Earth is at War by Jodi MacArthur –


The Turtle Dove by P.J. Kaiser –


Day 3 – December 16 – Three French Hens

Three French Hens by Karen Collum –


Three French Hens and a Shot of Brandy by Kathleen Gilbert –


Day 4 – December 17 – Four Calling Birds

Heirloom Birds by Lauro Eno –

Chuck and the Four Calling Birds by Jack Roth –


Day 5 – December 18 – Five Golden Rings

Five Golden Rings by David Sobkowiak –

The Moonfairy, the Angel, and the Puca by Nishida C. –


Day 6 – December 19 – Six Geese-a-Laying

A Goose’s Life by Suzie Bradshaw –


Royal Flying Mounties by Cindy Mantai –


Day 7 – December 20 – Seven Swans-a-Swimming

Bondi by Jodi Cleghorn –


Beautiful Woman by Jeanette Bennett –


Day 8 – December 21 – Eight Maids-a-Milking

Eight Maids A’Milking by Tony Noland –


The Miracle at Hightop Farm by Jonathan Pinnock –


Day 9 – December 22 – Nine Ladies Dancing

Happy Sunsets by Marisa Birns –


Nine Ladies Dancing by Michelle Dennis Evans –


Day 10 – December 23 – Ten Lords-a-Leaping

The Tenth Lord by Emma Newman –


Leap to the Sky by Devin Kennedy –


Day 11 – December 24 – Eleven Pipers Piping

Beautiful Noise by Laura Frechette –


Eleven Pipers Piping by Clive Martyn –


Day 12 – December 25 – Twelve Drummers Drumming

Book Beat by Deirdre Murphy –


The Thirteenth Drummer by Jim Wisneski –




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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wisneski: Here is the list with the links to read all the stories for #12days –

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