Nine Ladies Dancing


Michelle Dennis Evans

It really was one of those mystical magical moments. A moment I will remember and cherish forever. You see, most people would have passed by but we didn’t and that’s why I have such fond memories, like when the love of your life notices you for the first time, that innocent excitement when you have anticipated something with hope and you find it happens just like that. Yes, just like that it comes to pass. My name is Dulcie, I’d love to tell you that I orchestrated the whole thing but really I was just a bystander. In the right place at the right time, as they say. All day I had had that feeling, like some thing was about to happen, and because it did happen and I shared the moment with others I just had to know their story so I could tell my story with their story about this mystical magical moment that took place.

The week leading up to Christmas had me flustered. I hadn’t finished my shopping, I had to work each day and I’d promised to prepare dinner for 10 people Christmas eve.

It was a hot morning, it always is at Christmas time in Queensland, the mall in Brisbane was so crowded but there was beauty in the carols that could be heard and every window was dressed to perfection. It was a feast for the eyes, red, green, silver and gold. There were Christmas trees and reindeers, Santa clauses and nativity scenes spotted all around. I walked the same path that I walked every day to work, thankfully my boss had given me half a day off. As soon as it was noon, I would hit the shops and get my shopping done.


Drew and Tracy we’re a fresh young couple, this was their first Christmas together, but they had argued about where they were going to spend Christmas.

‘My family is closer,’ Tracy had said, ‘It just makes sense to spend Christmas with them.’

‘But it’s tradition that we all get together at Christmas,’ Drew told her, ‘It just won’t seem like Christmas if I don’t see my family.’

‘You’re too late to book flights now though,’ said Tracy.

‘I could drive,’ he suggested.

‘But I don’t want to spend Christmas without you.’

‘Lets talk about it again tonight,’

‘I need to go shopping,’ she said.

‘Where will you be? In the mall?’

And that’s where they planned to meet, in the Brisbane Queen St mall.


Melissa, a single mum, planned to take her three children in to see the beautiful displays in the windows and enjoy some window shopping.

‘Now, remember,’ she had prepped her children, ‘we don’t have any extra money this year, so we are just looking and enjoying the music and lights.

‘Can we have McDonald while we are there,’ asked six year old Bobby.

‘I’ll packed some sandwiches. We’ll go to the square to have a snack.’

‘Will Santa give us a lolly?’ was four year old Peta’s question.

‘Don’t put all your hope in Santa,’ Melissa laughed, ‘If we see him he might have something.’

‘I’ve got some money in my bank account Mum,’ said Joey feeling all grown up at 9, ‘I can buy some things, can’t I?’

‘That’s your savings, Joey.’ She said, ‘It’s for you to keep until you’re older.’


I was dizzy with excitement but I knew I had to shop, I would think about dinner in the next few days but this was my scheduled shopping time to stay focused. I was like a mad cow, brushing off shop assistants, darting through crowds. I had my list, twenty-five people to buy for. It was a great mixture to hunt for, many children’s games and toys, some clothes, a hand bag, bottles of perfume, aftershave, a tie. I came to my 16year old nephew, the boy has everything. For him I bought music voucher. My arms were forced away from my sides with the bulky bags I carried, but I was done! I stopped for a well earned coffee.


Drew had rung Tracy mid morning, ‘Hey, the boss is letting us have this afternoon off, can you meet me earlier?’

Of course she was delighted to spend more time with her love so she jumped on the next train so she could meet him at his office.

Although the excitement wore off by the time he came out.

‘I can’t believe we haven’t decided what we’re doing on Christmas day!’ Tracy exploded.

‘Would it make you happy if I stayed here with you?’

She bit her lip, shocked that he’d given in so quickly, ‘Would you?’

‘Of course I will,’ was his response and they enjoyed a relaxing lunch followed by an afternoon of thoughtful shopping, for the handful of family and friends they were buying for.


Melissa thought she was never going to get in to the mall. First the phone rang, it was her mother wanting to talk about Christmas day, then the washing machine overflowed and water flooded through the laundry to the kitchen. Once she and the children had finished mopping up the mess, they all had to get changed again.  At that stage it was lunch so she made them all sandwiches using the last of the bread. Scanning the cupboard she found some crackers and a packet of chips that she threw into a bag for their snack.

They ran to the train station knowing that the next train would be arriving soon.

Melissa breathed relief when they were finally in the mall and enjoying the magical displays.

‘I’m hungry,’ Bobby had complained.

‘Let sit down and have that snack,’ Melissa had led them all to the square.

Melissa and her children sat on the edge of the square and I know you are getting the picture; they wouldn’t have been more than 5 metres away from me.


So this is where we were, this warm summer’s afternoon a couple of days before Christmas. For just a moment it all seemed quiet, I was thinking that I’d found the perfect place, I’d found a spot where only a couple of other people were, a spot to ease my dizzy head after all the shopping, where I could re-gather myself before heading home.

Then, as I said, I had that feeling all day that something was going to happen, music began to play, not Christmas music, not marching band music or music thumping from a passing car. Sweet heavenly music, harps, violins, cellos, charming music, you know, the kind that compels you to tune in too. I looked towards the music and there they appeared, nine ladies dancing. They did the most divine, graceful dance that I’ve ever seen. And they had a glow about them, something that drew my eyes and I just couldn’t look away, until the music stopped, and they were gone. That’s when I looked around me for other witnesses.

I breathed a sigh of relief, I wasn’t going crazy after all.  Drew, Tracy, Melissa, Bobby, Peta and Joey had all seen it too.


BIO:  Michelle is married to an amazing hot man!

They have 4 delightful children whom Michelle home educates.

Michelle writes to inspire, take people on a journey and escape their world.

She believes you can find healing or hope when you read about someone else’s story – fictional or truth.

Michelle is a Jesus follower and is working through a Diploma in Christian ministry.

5 years ago she began a Comprehensive Writing course, to meet her desire to write. Her life is full and at times overflowing.

Twitter @michelledevans or



  1. 1
    Laura Eno Says:

    Nice story, Michelle. Sometimes we have to be still in order to tune in.

  2. 2

    A lovely story that highlights a magical moment at Christmas. We all need magic during this time.

  3. 3

    Magical! It’s nice to know that in going along our merry way, we can come upon magical moments, even miracles, if we just open our eyes.
    Great story, Michelle!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  4. 4
    Karen Says:

    What a cool idea! (And love the POV shifts in your story…thanks for the reminder to slow down at Christmas and focus on Emmanuel.)

  5. 5
    Michelle Says:

    Thank you for reading, it is so important to stop, be still and enjoy this season. Glad you enjoyed. xx

  6. 6
    jimcast Says:

    Michelle –

    I really loved this story. I love the way it switches and builds at the same time. A great addition to this project – thanks for writing! 🙂


  7. 7
    Michelle Says:

    Thanks Jim, it was a pleasure to write.

  8. 8

    Hi Michelle-

    This such a beautiful and magical story! I love it how you gathered everyone around just in time for that final miraculous moment.

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you!


  9. I enjoyed this story Michelle.
    Lovely 🙂

  10. 11

    Absolutely enchanting. There are some stories that just contain all the right elements to entertain, enchant, and pull at the heart strings and this story did all three. Wonderful, Melissa.

    I hope you have more stories available to read. 😉

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