Where you at?

I’ve received a few stories so far – and I must say, they are AMAZING! 


As I said before, I want to take this project as far as I can – book, t-shirts, promotions, etc.  I have an interview scheduled sometime in the next couple weeks to talk about this project to get it out there more.


What I need now is little bit of a “role call”.  PLEASE respond here with your status of your story.  It’s okay if you have nothing written, like I’ve said before, NaNoWriMo rules the November world – trust me, I’m about 6,000 words away from reaching that 50,000 word goal!


I just want to make sure everyone is still on board and that everyone is still as excited as I am about this project!  As long as everything goes smooth and all the stories are in by December 10, we should have a book by Christmas and t-shirts by then too! 


So, without anymore rambling. . .


My hand is raised.  I’m checking in.  My face is blushing.  I have an idea for a story.  But. . . but. . . but it’s not written.  Yet.  J



  1. 1
    PJ Kaiser Says:

    I’m in! I’m semi-retired from nano so I’ve had more time to work on my story. I have two very different stories drafted, both r in the hands of 3 beta readers and I hope to work on edits to both stories next week. So, bottom line, I am comfortably on schedule (for once in my life!) 🙂 ps I’m one of the 2 turtle doves writers

  2. 2

    I have a few lines written. I am aiming to send it to you on Monday (11/30) or Tues (12/1).

    I still am excited!

    Not doing NaNo, but my world is ruled by family. They’ve ALL arrived and talk at me all day 🙂

    You’ve said that stories you’ve received so far are AMAZING?


  3. 3
    jimcast Says:

    PJ – semi retired? I hope that means you broke through the 50,000 word mark!

    Marisa – I can’t wait to read your story! This entire project is amazing and as long as I get all the stories on time, it will be super amazing!

    If I don’t get all the stories. . . then I guess I’ll have to do some last minute writing and scrambling! 🙂


  4. Still in, nothing written yet. Hope to come up with a few ideas over the next few days.

  5. 6
    suzie bradshaw Says:

    WooHoo!!! Can’t wait for completion of this project. I had sooooo much fun writing my 6 geese a laying story! I’m eager to read everyone elses story and buy the book and t-shirt. I love t-shirts!

  6. 7
    jimcast Says:

    You guys rock! I’m just making sure everyone is still excited! 😉

  7. 8

    Hi Jim, et al,

    I’m on board, excited, and still plugging away on two ideas for the second Four Calling Birds story. I’m sticking to my personal 12/3 deadline.

    Each idea is in second draft, but I am setting them aside now until after Thanksgiving and the end of my NaNo!

    I’m looking forward to buying goodies — I fear my family is in for t-shirts and books come Christmas.

  8. 9

    Still in and now NaNoWriMo is kind of over for me I’m going to start writing my story. Only at the ideas stage.

  9. 10

    8 maids a’milking – setting, characters and plot are ready, a few lines written. Busting a gut on NaNoWriMo at the moment, 12Days is next.

  10. 11

    Haven’t started, but will soon. Struck with the perfect idea how to write it out.

  11. 12
    MichelleDEvans Says:

    hi, yes still excited about the idea. Wrote 400 words last night but now have second idea floating around in my head! Might write 2 and send u the best. Still have 10000 nanowrimo words to write. love writing – is a good thing :/ 9 ladies dancing . . .

  12. 13

    I am most definitely still in. I have almost got a first draft and then will get into the process of editing and getting a critique from my beta readers.

    Given NaNo (finished thankfully), Chinese Whisperings (almost!), Fourth Fiction (almost) I am chuffed to have any sort of a draft at this point.

    We’l make sure to give the project a plug through the Chinese Whisperings blog given there is myself and Emma taking part.

    • 14

      By the way – I’ve got seven swans a swimming – and thanks for a lovely male friend of mine – it is quite an interesting take and it is the breaking point for my character – so hopefully it fits the story profile.

  13. 15

    Finished revision. Sending to you tonight. I wanted to give you time to edit, in case it needs another revision. If you don’t get it let me know.

  14. 16
    jimcast Says:

    Great! I’m so glad to hear from mostly everyone. . . I’m real excited about this project and judging by the stories I have received, you are taking it serious and having fun. . . I’ve gone from tearjerker to horror and I LOVE IT!


  15. 17

    I now have 5,500 and an idea how to carve out a whole heap of words. What an evolution this story has been. It is tentatively called “Fifteen Floors Above Bondi” and has a very Australian summer Christmas feel about it. Not sure if there are any other Southern Hemisphere writers in this cohort.

    I will get my beta readers to cast an eye over early next week and have it to you Jim ASAP after that.

  16. 18

    I keep thinking and thinking and thinking, and slowly my story is gelling in my mind. I’ll put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) later this week and get it to you way before the 12/10 deadline!

  17. 19

    Sent tonight.

  18. 20

    Hi everyone, been hit hard by flu and then chest infection, so I have been stuck in sick land for a fortnight and am still not fully well. But hell, I’m not giving up yet, I still have 11 days! I’ll get these ten lords into a story whether they like it or not!

  19. 21
    Kathleen Gilbert Says:

    Still working on the story. I have been sick with the flu. I plan to have it done by Monday Dec 7th….

  20. 22

    So, it’s been a while since I have read this blog and my story is already in. It’s the Eleven Pipers and called Beautiful Music. I am really looking forward to reading all of your stories. This is a really cool project.

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