I can’t believe what just happened. . . I posted about this on Twitter and the world exploded! 

You writers are the GREATEST people in the world!  So great that I’m going to change the rules. . . why?  BECAUSE I CAN!  I got SWAMPED with emails and DM’s and I HATE to say no. . . soooo. . . we are going to have TWO stories per day!

Yup, so if your name ISN’T on this list below, send an email to Jim@JmWisneski.com with your day.  This is first come, first serve and will be the last time it’s open. . . so yes, I will have to say NO to some. . .

The list:

Twelve drummers drumming, – ME, Jim Wisneski
Eleven pipers piping, – Laura Frechette
Ten lords a-leaping, – EmApocalyptic
Nine ladies dancing, – @marisabirns
Eight maids a-milking, – @tonynoland
Seven swans a-swimming, – Jodi Cleghorn
Six geese a-laying, – Suzie Bradshaw
Five golden rings, – dsobkowiak@gmail.com
Four calling birds, – @lauraeno
Three French hens, – @karencollum
Two turtle doves, – @jodimacarthur
And a partridge in a pear tree! – cschuerr3262@charter.net



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